The best moments in life are the ones we can share with someone else

Securely store photos, videos, audio and text and share them with your family and close friends.

Your privacy is close to our ❤️. Read our privacy policy.

The digital memory album for you and your family

Bring order to the chaos of your camera roll and collect the best photos in a chronologically sorted timeline. Creating photo books or calendars at the end of the year will be a breeze.
A timeline with two entries called Visit to the zoo
                    with Grandma und Birthday barbecue and lots of photos
Three photos of people happily looking at smartphones or tablets

Brings us closer even if we're miles apart

Share timeline entries with the people you really care about and keep them up-to-date with what's going on in the life of your family. You decide who can see what.
A photo of two children where the faces are censored

A safe place for all your photos and more

Because all your data is End-to-End-encrypted, you can store photos of your children without a second thought. And by adding funny quotes, stories or milestones of their development to the timeline, StoryArk can also be used as a diary of their childhood.

We've built this app for you*

*That's not entirely true. We're building something we ourselves were desperately looking for and couldn't find.
  • No ads ... ever!

    Your privacy is at the heart of this service and the reason why we're staying as far away from the ad industry as possible.
  • Your data is safe

    Our job is to keep your data safe so you don't have to. Redundantly stored across multiple European datacenters, it will never be lost.
  • Your data belongs to you

    We keep your data safe and not as a hostage. That's why you can export your data at all times.
  • Transparent and fair prices

    You pay for the storage space you use. Choose from differently sized storage plans and share them with your family.
  • Always in sync

    Our innovative sync technology works across all your devices (be it iOS or Android) and you can use the app even if your device is not connected to the Internet.

About us

We ourselves are parents of wonderful children still experiencing the first exciting years of their lives. We are very concerned about their privacy, that's why we could never imagine publishing photos of them on the Internet for everyone to see. At the same time however, we were looking for something with which we could capture and share all the beautiful moments you experience with your child growing up. Unfortunately there's no service in this market space where we and our families feel like the customers and not the product, so we decided to build it ourselves.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Why a subscription?
    A: When you can't (and in our case, won't) sell user data for advertising purposes, a subscription model is the only way to sustainably finance a software product and its continuous development and improvement. Moreover, it gives you full access to our backup and synchronisation service, and we make sure that your data will never be lost (even if you lose your phone).
  • Q: Where is your tracking or cookie banner?
    A: Since we do not use any tracking cookies (e.g. from Facebook or Google), we can spare you those annoying banners.
  • Q: Do you store photos and videos in their original quality?
    A: Yes. One of the main advantages of StoryArk is that it will be really easy to create photo print products (photo books, calendars). And for those high quality is essential.
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